Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello everyone,

Getting back on track here after a very busy month of October. Hope everyone had a fun and exciting Halloween!
Here's where we are at right now...

Science: We are currently learning about the circulatory system. We will be finishing up the Human Body in a couple of weeks. Students will be assigned a culminating task soon!

Math: We are part nearing the end of the patterning unit. We will be having a short quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) on patterns and rules. The unit test will be next week.

Language: Writing- Thanksgiving recounts will be handed back this week. We will begin friendly letter writing this month and enter into the Great Canadian Mail Race. 
Reading- We are nearing the end of Hana's suitcase (read aloud) and students will be completing a research assignment at the end. Next up will be a fiction novel study.

This Wednesday, grade 5s will take part in a full day workshop: Business Basics, where they will get to learn about the business world, focusing in on organization, management, production, and marketing.

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